Lymphatic decongestion Therapy

Detox your body at the cellular level! Using low frequency, acoustic sound waves and an electrostatic field, this treatment uses the L.E.T Instrument to improve the flow of the lymphatic system up to 10 times faster than traditional manual lymphatic drainage. This can also help relieve symptoms such as: 

  • lymphedema

  • swelling and edema

  • fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep

  • chronic stress

  • post surgical swelling and scar tissue

  • inflammation and chronic pain

  • digestive issues

  • autoimmune disorders

  • hormone imbalance

  • weakened immune system

Pre and post surgical Lymphatic decongestion therapy

We recommend a minimum of 2 treatments in the week prior to surgery to improve the flow of lymph, clear any preexisting blockages and prepare your body for surgery followed by a minimum of 4* treatments post surgically.

*Your service provider will tailor a treatment plan based on your body and the type of surgical procedure you are receiving. Treatments prior to surgery are not required but are encouraged to help you have the best results. Your first appointment may be split in to two sessions to give your body time to clear out the toxins and blockages released.


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