What is the Lymphatic System?

At Kalon spa our services are designed specifically to clear and restore the flow of the lymphatic system. But what is your lymphatic system and why is is so important?

The Lymphatic System is often referred to as the second circulatory system of the body. It moves lymph fluid in one direction from the spaces between your cells, through the lymphatic vessels and nodes, into the cardiovascular system to be disposed. Lymph contains: lipids (fat), proteins, enzymes, urea, minerals, hormones, dissolved gasses (nitrogen, carbon dioxide), cells (macrophage, lymphocytes), toxins, bacteria, viruses, and pieces of cell debris among other things.

Lymph originates as plasma (the fluid portion of blood). As your blood moves through the capillary bed, it slows allowing some plasma to flow into the spaces between the cells. This plasma is now considered lymph. It then flows from the spaces between the cells, into the lymphatic capillaries, and to the lymphatic vessels. As it flows it picks up damaged, infected and/or cancerous cells and waste to filter out through the lymph nodes located along the lymphatic vessels throughout the body. Lymph nodes contain the lymphocytes, specialized white blood cells that kill pathogens. They also trap and kill cancerous cells to slow the spread of cancer until the node is overwhelmed by the cancerous cells. After being filtered through the nodes, the lymph travels back to your cardiovascular system through your subclavian veins to then be moved out of the body by organs such as your kidneys, liver, colon, skin and lungs.

Unlike your circulatory system, there is no “pump” to move the lymph. The Lymphatic system relies on muscle contraction (both physical activity and smooth muscle contraction i.e intestines, etc) and pressure changes in the chest/abdomen when you breathe to keep it flowing. Therefore, sedentary lifestyles and quick shallow breathing lead to a sluggish lymphatic system. When there is a lack of activities that increase the flow of lymph, your lymphatic system becomes sluggish resulting in pathogens staying in the body for a longer period of time causing a number of symptoms.


Restoring and enhancing the flow of your lymphatic system can help the following conditions:

  • Injuries, post-surgical scar tissue/swelling

  • Pain and Inflammation

  • Edema, Lymphedema

  • Breast conditions/fibrosis

  • Sinus conditions and allergies

  • Recovery post esthetics procedures

  • Skin Aging

  • Scars

  • Acne

  • Digestive Issues

  • Stress


Our treatments are focused on the health of your lymphatic system. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, give us a call or make your appointment today!

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