Kalon Spa - Lexie, specifically - is, in a word, amazing. Hands-down the best massage experience I have ever had.

Lexie herself is wonderful - she is an incredible masseuse, both in terms of her physical practice (it feels amazing, she is a Wonderwoman) and in terms of her relationship with clients. She is super client-oriented, which I love. She is attuned to what I need and solicitous of my feedback, and I always feel like we are working toward a shared goal.

Plus, Lexie has introduced me to so many healing facets of massage that I did not know existed - helping me heal after long flights, relieving stress, even using lympathic decongestion to help prevent and treat colds. I feel like Lexie has introduced me to a world and future where I can achieve my goals and create the world I want through massage - through wellness, relieving stress, and helping me be able to do the things I love to do again (e.g., sports - soccer, biking, dancing without pain).

Thank you Lexie. I constantly feel you have my best interests at heart (and those of all your clients) and you’ve helped introduce new optimism in my life when it comes to physical pain, stress, and fitness. I’m so grateful to have found your practice and hope you never stop! You rock!
— Nicole B.
My Lymph session at Kalon Spa was very relaxing. I realize that our lymphatic system can be congested because of the many thermography reports I am able to view as a thermographer. I really appreciate meeting Lexi and getting to experience her services. To achieve optimal health we need our body functioning optimally. If you’re in a spot of disease, go see Kalon Spa to help your body’s immune system work to the best of it’s ability. If you are well, go there to prevent future issues! Lexi is a sweet, caring lymph and massage professional. I highly recommend you go to her for a session or better, a series of sessions. ~ Shanna Rivera, CTT
— Shanna R.
As a survivor of a massive stroke 4 years ago, special care is necessary. Lexi takes takes her time to apply Medicupping, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, and Deep Tissue Massage in all of the right places. She even moved her schedule around to provide pre and post operation sessions to enhance the body’s ability to recover.
If you have been thinking about trying any of these therapies, I highly recommend Lexi at Kalon Spa. She gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase “you’re in good hands!”
— Colleen J.
“One of the best massages I’ve ever had ( and I’ve had over 60 in the past 3 years). Alexandria is amazing! I asked her to apply a lot of pressure because my back is very tight, unlike other masseuses whose strength wean off as the massage progresses, hers stayed consistent throughout the 90 minutes. We just bought massage chair at home and vowed to only get in-person massages when it’s worth it - and this is worth it. Definitely recommend the 90 Signature Massage with hot stones - you won’t regret it!”
— Nicole G.
The best massages, Kalon Spa is worth it
— Soo G.
Kalon Spa is an amazing healing place. I had complex neck surgery last year, leaving a hard dark scar across my throat. I was amazed at my improved ability to move my neck, the scar tissue was softened and broken down by medicupping! The visual effect was amazing, it looks like a small crease now. Thank you so much Kalon Spa.
— Kristin S.
Lexi is a talented and skilled massage therapist. She has a unique ability to feel the exact muscles that need to be worked and works miracles. She has helped ease my sciatica when no other therapist could and even find problem areas I didn’t even know I had. She is truly exceptional as she actually has a passion for her work and cares about her clients’ well-being. I always leave feeling refreshed and that my money was well spent.” ”

Had a great massage from Lexi at an event I attended! I personally like a deep massage and for the 15 minute massage I had it was perfect! Can’t wait to go to her new location and get a full massage! Great job Lexi!
— ERIN, A.
I am 71 years old and wanted to try the MediCupping services to help smooth facial lines, firm aging skin and plump my lips back to where they used to be. After my first session, I didn’t notice much change however after the second session I noticed that my lips were much plumper and the effects have lasted ever since even though I haven’t been able to fit an appointment in to my schedule for the last 3 weeks. I also tried the Lymphatic Therapy for general health reasons and the day after I noticed my sinuses were clearer and I could breathe easier through my nose, even though I have never noticed any sinus or congestion problems before. Both treatments were very soothing and I will definitely be continuing them both!
— Janis W.
I have had a couple massages from Lexi, she is wonderful and highly recommended.
— Stacey G.