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LYmphatic Massage Medicupping

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Treat yourself to the hot stones, aromatherapy and warm foot wraps included in all of our massages; relax with the gentle but effective use of MediCupping Therapy to loosen, smooth and soften tight muscles and scar tissue; and experience the detoxifying benefits of Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy. Our services are customized to meet each clients’ specific needs.


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Subscriptions and packages

We offer monthly massage subscriptions, as well as package deals for our Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy and MediCupping Express Services.


lymphatic Therapy

Our Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy is preformed using the Lymphstar Pro Fusion machine. This treatment is up to 10 times more effective than manual lymphatic therapy and can help resolve symptoms including:


 Allergies/sinus problems

Weak immune system

  Hormonal imbalances


Stubborn fat

Chronic pain

Poor cognitive function

And more!

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MediCupping Therapy uses the ancient healing practice of cupping combined with the precision of a machine to provide controlled suction. This service addresses a variety of symptoms including:

 scar tissue • lack of range of motion • tight muscles • fascia • solid bloat •stubborn fat • sluggish lymphatic system • fine lines •wrinkles • cellulite • and more!


Massage Therapy

We offer a variety of massages from basic relaxation massages to more focused injury treatment and everything in between! Our therapists are committed to providing you with the best massage for your needs. We use blend of essential oils and organic coconut oil  for all of our massages. Check out our monthly massage subscription for a $30 discount on your massages! 


spa services

From our non-invasive face lifting techniques to our cellulite smoothing body contouring treatment, we offer a variety of spa services focused on creating beauty from the inside out. All of our services enhance the natural detoxification of the body by clearing stagnation in the lymphatic system. We truly believe that outer beauty comes from inner health.




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