Kálon - "beauty is more than skin deep"

I get a lot of people asking me "Why Kálon? Wait, is it kay-lon or kuh-lon??". So to clear up any confusion I thought I'd write a little bit about how we found the name for our spa. 

We were searching for a unique name with meaning, that was easy to spell and sounded nice, it took us a while to decide on the perfect name. We searched words in different languages, synonyms for over-used words we liked, names, places, and finally started looking at Greek mythology. We decided Kalon (pronounced "KAY-lon") was the perfect fit. The Merriam-Webster definition of the word Kalon: "The ideal of physical and moral beauty especially as conceived by the philosophers of classical Greece. Origin: Greek, from kalos: good, beautiful".  We also found a simpler take on the definition: "Beauty is more than skin deep". 

Considering the meaning of the word we found it to be a perfect fit. We think of it as an abstract interpretation of the meaning beauty is more than skin deep. Our spa focuses on creating beauty from the inside out, not necessarily in the moral sense as the traditional definition states, but in the sense that we cannot create beauty by only treating what we see on the surface. We use our services to clear impurities from the body through the lymphatic system, essentially creating beauty from the inside out. Although we are big fans of moral beauty as well, creating that is all up to you.