The best way to prepare and recover from surgery

The lymphatic system is the body’s natural cleansing mechanism, ridding our cells of toxic waste. It is a complex system, and made up mostly of nodes and lymph vessels working together to keep the body free of toxins and cellular waste. The lymph itself carries fatty acids, hormone cells, immune cells, proteins, cellular debris and pathogens/toxins to be processed by the lymph nodes. When the body is under stress, fatigued, experiencing infections, fighting a disease process, or recovering from surgery, the process may be slowed down.

The lymphatic system is overwhelmed during and after surgery, often causing increased swelling, risk of infection, and other post surgical complications. Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy can help flush excess fluids, toxins and cellular debris out of the system. A functional lymphatic system speeds up the body’s ability to regenerate tissue, drain fluid, remove toxins, debris, dead cells and maintain a healthy immune system.

All surgery causes swelling because that is the bodies natural healing reaction, however certain surgeries impede the lymphatic systems’ ability to properly heal and regenerate tissue. The removal of lymph nodes, for example, causes a higher chance of developing lymphatic complications such as lymphedema because the lymph hits a dead end where a lymph node once was and pools up in the area unable to redirect itself. Surgeries, such as liposuction procedures, tummy tucks and C-sections also disrupt the natural flow of the lymphatic system because the location of the surgery is right over major lymphatic pathways. These surgeries can block the lymphatic flow from the legs, hips, groin and stomach area causing swelling and even cellulite! Even years later the scar tissue created can be a source of lymphatic congestion in your body. 

Surgeries that impact the face often result in long term swelling. For example, a rhinoplasty surgery can produce swelling that lasts up to a year after the procedure. With Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy we open up these pathways and restore the natural flow of lymphatic fluid, reducing the amount and duration of swelling, pain and decreasing risk of infection.

We recommend a phone consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you and your body. As a general guideline it is best to book 2 appointments in the week prior to surgery to get any blockages in your lymphatic system cleared and prepare your body for surgery. After your surgical procedure please wait until your doctor has cleared you for lymphatic decongestion therapy and you are comfortable leaving the house/getting on and off the table on your own. Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy is a great way to speed up recovery and work WITH your body to heal from the inside out. 

*These statements are not a guarantee of results for patients who use Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy, this is written purely from knowledge of the lymphatic system, lymphatic decongestion therapy and experience with post surgical patients and this treatment.