The Benefits of Getting Monthly Massages

Receiving a massage for a special occasion or while on vacation is a wonderful experience. It is relaxing, feels amazing and provides an escape from the stressful world around you. However, receiving massage regularly compounds all these benefits and gives you a longer period of relief from stress and tension. That is why we recommend joining our massage membership program, in which you will receive one massage per month, a discount on any additional massages purchased, as well as plenty of other exclusive advantages.

Benefits of our membership program:

Monthly Massages

The key benefit of Kálon Spa’s membership program is that you receive regular massage therapy, which can provide many long-term benefits such as:

  • chronic pain relief

  • immune system support

  • improved posture

  • reduced anxiety and depression

  • stress management 

  • more flexibility 

  • increased local circulation

  • relaxation and better sleep

  • relief from chronic headaches

Additionally, after a few sessions, your massage therapist will get to know you and your body allowing them to customize your experience and the most benefit.


You pay an exclusive member rate for your massage - $30 off regular prices - and any additional massages are also discounted to the member rate. You also have acess to member pricing for gift certificates which are great gifts for friends and family members.

No Wasted Massages

We understand you have a busy schedule and wont always be able to receive your monthly massage. No problem! Unused massage credits roll over to the following month at no additional cost. If you wish to gift your session to a friend or family member, we can do that too!

No long-term Commitments 

At Kálon Spa, we understand you have a choice when looking for expert massage therapy. We pride ourselves on our customer service and we want you to be completely satisfied with our membership program and believe our massage sessions speak for themselves. As a result, we don’t want you to feel locked into a restrictive contract, but rather wish to reward your loyalty with discounts and incentives that keep you coming back! If you wish to cancel your membership just give us 30 days notice or you can cancel online via a link in your monthly subscription email. Unused massage credits will remain on your account for 6 months after your cancellation date.

We believe that happy, healthy, pain & stress-free guests speak on behalf the value of our services at Kálon Spa. Sign up for your membership online at