Self-care and wellness tips to combat Mercury’s coming Retrograde

Mercury is going in to retrograde July 7th - 31st and people are already anticipating the miscommunication, emotion highs and lows and malfunctions it is believed to bring. When a planet is in retrograde astrologically it is in a resting state. Essentially, while Mercury naps the happenings it governs do not have a planet to supervise them resulting in a degree of pandemonium. Mercury rules over all types of communication, formal contracts, important documents, code, transportation and travel all of which leads to stress, anxiety and heightened emotions all around.

We’ve compiled a list of spa treatments and at-home remedies perfect for dealing with the impacts of retrograde, just in time for the coming celestial event.

Miscommunication: Communication becomes more difficult during Mercury’s retrograde, which can result in conflicts in relationships. To avoid issues, look for ways to bond and spend quality time with your partner.

Spa Remedy:  Treat yourselves to a couples massage to promote togetherness and bond as a couple.

Home Remedy: Plan a romantic night in. Light candles, play music, and give each other a massage. (click here for tips on how to give your SO a massage with out wearing out your hands!)

Emotional Distress and Restlessness: Mercury’s retrograde causes conflicts that lead to stress and anxiety. Use aromatherapy to relax your mind and release mental stress.

Spa Remedy:  Aromatherapy massages or body treatments with relaxing essential oil blends including lavender, lemon, bergamot, ylang-ylang or jasmine oils are a great way to balance your mood.

Home Remedy: Diffuse a blend of essential oils formulated to relieve stress and anxiety or one of the single note oils listed above.

Sleep Deprivation: Emotional distress can have serious impacts on your ability to get a good nights rest which leads to tired puffy eyes.

Spa Remedy: Book a rejuvenating facial (such as our MediCupping facial treatment) to stimulate and tighten the fragile eye area can treat puffy eyes. Lymphatic decongestion therapy can also drain under eye puffiness and help relax your body and mind leading to better sleep.

Home Remedy: Sip chamomile tea before bed time and use an oil diffuser with sleep inducing oils (such as lavender or jasmine) to help you sleep. Use an eye roller, gentle massage under your eyes and apply a cold compress to simulate blood and lymph flow and combat the under eye puffiness.

Deterioration of the Spirit: Emotions are heightened during this astrological occurrence and we can become more forgetful, overwhelmed, and our intuition becomes clouded. What better way to renew your spirit than with a detox?

Spa Remedy: Lymphatic decongestion therapy detoxes the body at the cellular level, clearing blockages and allowing your body to process and remove toxins and waste. Paired with an aromatherapy massage using oils that promote lymph drainage, your body mind and spirit will be rejuvenated.

Home Remedy: Do a digital detox, unplug for a day and allow your mind to relax and reset. Use dry brushing and yoga to increase blood lymph flow, naturally detoxifying your body.

These self-care tips are amazing year round, but they are especially important during a Mercury retrograde period. Pay attention to how events in your life play out during this period and you will begin to see just how much planetary aspects affect our everyday lives!