subscriptions and packages

We are so excited to offer package deals as well as a monthly massage subscription program for our loyal customers! Sign up for a package of treatments to jump start your results or monthly massages to keep your body feeling great month after month!  This is the best way for us to help you achieve the results you are looking for at an affordable rate! Call us at 360-589-2112 for more information about our packages or massage subscriptions.


monthly Massages 

60 mins $80/month • 90 mins $100/month

This subscription is one massage a month for the next 12 months or until you cancel. Can be used for any of our 60 min/90min massages. Any unused appointments will roll over to the following month and any additional massages booked are at your discounted rate. Initial set up fee is $30 for each service, no cancelation fee.

Lymphatic therapy packages

Three Treatments • $350   

Six treatments • $700

Twelve Treatments • $1200

Choose your package of 3 treatments (discount of $70), 6 treatments (Discount of $140 - get one treatment free) or 12 treatments (Discount of $480 or $100/month, perfect for monthly maintenance). We see the best results after a minimum of 3 services and encourage our Lymphatic Decongestion Therapy clients to start with six treatments over the first couple months and then move on to maintenance of once a month or once every few months depending on the clients' body and lifestyle. Your service provider will create a custom treatment plan for your body, or call 360-589-2112 for a free phone consultation. For more information on this service click here.

Express Medicupping packages

Six 20 min. express medicupping treatments $243 

six 15 min. express medicupping facial  $189

Get your package deal of six Express MediCupping Facials to combat puffiness, acne, aging skin, wrinkles and more. Or choose six 20 min. Express MediCupping Treatments to target areas of cellulite, solid bloat, injury, scar tissue, tension, edema, and more! Both services are offered as a package deal at a 10% discount. For more information on these services click here.